Welcome to Bubby's Auto Detailing!

The premier auto detailer on the East Coast guaranteed! Not the cheapest or fastest- Just the best! Other detailers may come and go, but we have offered our services to the car enthusiast since 1983. When area car dealers have problems, they bring their cars to Bubby’s because we are the experts! Ask yourself: can your car wash do this?

We use the best products available and have years of experience maintaining your car’s like-new appearance. We can solve all types of problems – spills, odors, overspray… You name it; we’ve seen it & fixed it!

Make no mistake; you are not saving money by going to other detailers or getting "car-wash style detailing". Other businesses hire inexperienced workers and use cheap products. These so-called detailers often do damage to your car that you may not see until it’s too late! Your car is a big investment. Protect it the right way! Call Bubby's and experience a real detail.

Services are by appointment only!

**Please note we do not quote prices over the phone. We ask to see the vehicle the first time to properly evaluate the condition given your wants and needs**

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